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Challenge Tennis Ladder Rules


Order of Play (can be subject to change): June 12, 2023, through September 13, 2023

Ladder Structure
  • Players register via Teamsnap with their name, email, cellphone, the ladders they would like to sign up for, and a self-rating based on the rating guide as described from Tennis Canada. View it here!
  • Pay the KBTC Ladder registration fee(s) (Fee(s) will be allocated to Ladder prizes!)
  • Players of a similar skill level for Singles will be placed into a box of between 4 and 6 players depending on the total number of entrants
  • Returning players will be placed into boxes based on their performance in the
    2022 ladder
  • New players will be placed into an appropriate box based on their self-rated
    skill level
  • Over the course of a one-month rotation, players will play everyone else in their
    box once
  • At the end of a one-month rotation the points will be tallied up and the box positions will be adjusted accordingly
  • The player with the lowest points will be dropped to the lower box and the player with the highest points will move up to a higher box
  • The players with the highest scores at the end of the final monthly rotation will be declared the winners
  • Players may be removed from the ladder at the ladder co-ordinator’s discretion
    if they are deemed not to make any effort to play their matches
Match Rules
  • Challenger supplies the balls. (An example of a system that has worked well in the past is as follows: Both players bring a tin of balls and use one of the tins for the match. After the match the winner takes home the new tin, and the loser takes home the used tin)
  • Matches are to 10 games with a tie break to 7 win by 2 points. This will keep the matches short enough for play on public courts
  • Results will be updated by the ladder co-ordinator and will be made available to all ladder participants in an online spreadsheet
  • Points are scored for both winners and losers, so you are encouraged to play as many games as you can to increase your overall total score
    > For example, if the score in a match is 10/7 the winner receives 10 points the loser receives 7 points
  • If players are more than 15 minutes late for a match and do not make a reasonable effort to let their opponent know, they receive zero points and their opponent receives 10 points
  • Please decide when scheduling your match what you will do in the event of rain or if the game must be abandoned for any reason, and the match has to be rescheduled
  • If you are unable to complete your match once you have begun and it’s agreeable to all parties, the highest score wins the match, otherwise you must reschedule to complete your match
  • Winners of the match must report the score, player’s names, and date played, to the ladder co-ordinator within 48 hours by text or email and CC the opponent
  • Please use common sense and observe good sportsmanship and court etiquette at all times
  • Ladder matches are not to be played on club nights
Challenge Rules
  • To set up a match, players should call, email or text the other players in their box
    > For maximum efficiency, recommend players reach out to everyone in their group at once over email rather than challenge players individually
  • If a player is challenged and refuses to play, is unable to play or does not respond to the challenge within 1 week they automatically receive zero points and their opponent receives 10 points, unless the players come to a mutually agreed arrangement
  • Players may issue or accept more than one challenge at any time
  • Players are only required to accept one challenge at one time
  • For the Doubles league we are looking for volunteers to act as team captains to help let the ladder co-ordinator know if subs are needed to complete matches, and to generally help organize their team’s matches if that becomes necessary.
  • If a player knows in advance that they will not be able to attend a scheduled match in the Doubles league, it is their responsibility to find a substitute in consultation with their team captain among their teammates or from the provided subs list. The league co-ordinator should be informed of the substitution.
  • For Doubles, it is anticipated that you will be assigned two matches to be played each round, which lasts one month. The scheduling of those matches will be up to the four individuals scheduled to play each match.
General Notes
  • To be considerate of the ladder co-ordinator and the other participating players, we ask that registrants only sign up for the ladders if they intend to, and will commit to, playing every player in their box within a one-month rotation and play in the matches required to complete the monthly Doubles schedule. We ask that you complete the rotation before you drop out
  • New participants entering after the commencement of the ladder will be placed into a box at the discretion of the ladder co-ordinator. We will try to place the new entrant into a box with their preferred skill level in both Singles and Doubles
  • Signing up for the Singles ladder requires a commitment of approximately an extra match every 1 to 2 weeks
  • Signing up for the Doubles league requires a commitment of about two matches
    a month
  • In case of any questions or discrepancies, please contact the ladder co-ordinator at the email below
  • If you have any questions related to the ladder, please email