Categories: Women's Singles,  Men's Singles,  Women's Doubles  and Mixed Doubles

Order of Play     June 20th through October 15th  2017
1) Players self rate themselves using the USTA rating guide online.

2) Rating will be included with first name and Initial, phone number and email address on ladder.

3) Ladder positions in the boxes will be random until the end of the first rotation.

4) To be considerate of the Ladder Team and the other participating players, we asked that registrants only sign up for the Ladder if they intend to, and will committ to, play every player in their box within a 1 month rotation. We ask that you complete the rotation before you drop out.

5) New entrants to the ladder will be place in new boxes.

6) Winners will be determined by a point system based on the game score of each match.  Matches are played and scored, “the first to Win 10 games”

7) If a player is challenged and refuses to play, is unable to play or does not respond to the challenge within 1 week they automatically forfeit their position in the box and their opponent  receives 10 points

8) Players initiate the challenge by calling, emailing or text other players in their box and decide together where and when to play to complete the match within the one week completion time.

9) Challengers will supply new balls. Ladder games are not played on club nights.

10) If players are more than 15 minutes late for a match or are a no show they forfeit the match and  their oponents receive 10 points.

11) Please decide when scheduling your match what you will do in the event of rain or if the game has to be abandoned for any reason and the match has to be rescheduled.

12) If you are unable to complete your match once you have begun and it’s agreeable to all parties, the highest score wins the match, otherwise you must reschedule to complete your match.

13) Players can challenge any players in their box of 4/5/6 players. Challenger supply the balls.

14) Matches are10 games with a tie break to 7 win by 2 points, this will keep the matches short enough for play on public courts.  Results will be updated monthly at the end of the rotation..

15) Matches must be completed within 1 week after the challenge has been made unless a mutually       agreed upon extension.
16) Winners of the match must report the score, player’s names, date played, and who made the challenge to the ladder director within 48 hours by text or email and CC the loser.

17) At the end of a 4 week rotation the points are tallied up and the box positions will be adjusted.accordingly, the player with lowest points will dropped to the lower box the player with the highest points will move up if possible the other players in the box will just change positions within the box.

18) Each player is expected to challenge and play all the players in their box at least once in the month.  Points are scored for both winners and loosers, so you are encouraged  to play as many games as you can to increase your overall total score, If the score in a 10 game match is 10/8 the winner  receives 10 points the looser recieves 8 points.

19) Players may issue or accept more than one challenge at any time.

20) Players must accept or decline challengers within 1 week or forfeit their position in the box and the challenger recieves 10 points.

21) Players are only required to accept one challenge at one time.

22) Please use common sense and observe good sportsmanship and court etiquette at all times.

Remember to have fun! it's only a game.